5 fashion rules every guy should follow (for beginners)!!

Here are the five most important rules/tips which every guy should follow while choosing their style. Read through the article, give it a little thought and then try to implement these tips while getting ready in the morning.

1. Get the fit right!!

This is the most important of all the rules I have stated here. I wish someone would have told me earlier. Fitting is very important when it comes to clothing, be it top wear or bottom wear. Anything looks better when it fits right. If your shirt is baggy, its not good. If its too tight, its not good either. Get a perfect fitting clothing and it will improve your style instantaneously. Take your measurements and get your shirts,t-shirts or trousers customised for yourselves. Remember, if it doesn’t fit right, it doesn’t look right.

2. Stick with the neutrals

Since you are a beginner, stick with the neutral colors in the start. What can possibly go wrong when you wearing the neutrals, right? Don’t try any fancy bright colors like purple or red. Go with whites, greys, blacks and browns. Get used to these colors and when you start getting confidence, then go for bright colors.

3. No patterns in the start

Don’t try any patterns in the beginning. Get solid colors instead. Don’t go for camouflages or too much prints. Stick with the solid colors and after sometime, start slow with stripes or checks.

4. Don’t try too many accessories

I have seen people trying too many accessories in the beginning. At first they buy a watch, next they buy a bracelet for a change and then ring, then necklace etc etc. Stop guys. No doubt, accessories are important but they should be worn according to the situations. With suits, no bracelets or rings. Just a watch is enough. With casuals, you can go for a bracelet and a ring.

5. Take care of your clothes

Your clothes are expensive and need to be taken care. Don’t wash your clothes too much in warm water. Use cold water instead. Clothes get faded when washed with warm water. Also, wash your whites seperately. You don’t want your dark blue jacket’s color on your white t-shirt right?

There are many more points but as a beginner, try to implement these tips in your fashion habits and your style will improve exponentially.