Top 3 fragrances for men in the Indian market

If you have stopped by here, then congrats you are already ahead of 60% of the crowd who still wears the cheap deodorants available in the market. Let me tell you guys, If you are really serious about fashion, have at least 2-3 fragrances in your closet for different occasions. I too used to apply those cheap deodorants but my life really changed when I bought my first cologne. People started asking me what I was wearing especially girls. And believe me or not, girls like to talk to those who smell good. I wish I would have known it sooner, that having a good fragrance is as important as having a classy watch or wearing nice shoes.

With my own experience, I have listed my favourite 3 fragrances which I have used and would also advise you to have in your collection.

1. Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

This is the best fragrance I have ever bought till now. It was launched in 2017. It is an aromatic fragrance with top notes of pepper and bergamot. The middle notes are metallic, watery, tincture and lavender. The base notes are ambroxan and patcholi. I will highly recommend this fragrance. If you are very confused, blindly buy it and thank me later.

Check the latest price for this item using the below link:

2. Issey Miyake NUIT D’ISSEY Bleu Astral

This is one of the classic fragrance from the house of Issey Miyake. It was also launched in 2017. It is a very romantic and masculine in nature. The top note is lime. The middle note is Russian Corriander. The base notes are skin and amber wood.

Check the current amazon price below.

3. Mont Blanc Legend

This fragrance was launched in 2011 and is very subtle but masculine. The top notes comprises of pineapple leaf, exotic verbena, and lavender. The middle notes are of apple, rose and geranium. The base notes contains evernyl and sandalwood.

Check the current price at amazon using the below link:

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