What is the difference between EDT and EDP? Which one should I use and when?

While choosing fragrances for yourselves you must have come across the following terms Eau De Toilette (EDT) and Eau De Parfum (EDP). The basic difference between these terms is the difference in the concentrations of perfume oil and other blend ingredients.

Obviously, higher the concentration of the perfume oils, higher will be the longevity of the perfume and higher will be the price. Here are the major differences between EDTs and EDPs:

  1. Concentration of oils: EDT has 5-15% oils as compared to 15-20% in EDPs.
  2. Longevity: EDTs usually lasts 4-8 hrs. However, there are many exceptions for e.g. Jaun Paul Gaultier’s Le Male can last up to 12 hours. EDPs usually has a longevity of more than 10 hours. It is because of this reason the EDPs are more common in women’s fragrances.
  3. Price: EDTs are comparatively cheaper as compared to EDPs. However, EDTs are because it is considered as best value for money per concentration of oil.

Now, which perfume to use in which occasion. The answer is, If you are planning to go on a crowded bus or train in summer, you can’t apply a strong perfume. In that case, choose an EDT with softer notes and fresh notes fragrance. Similarly at work, choose a light or a mild fragrance. For parties however, you can go for EDPs.