3 watch styles you should have in your watch collection

There are numerous watch styles available in the market. Here I have listed 3 watch styles along with my two recommendations, one in lower range and other in mid range, which you should have in your watch collection.

#Style 1- Dress watch

A dress watch is something which is very classic and has no complications on the dials. This style is worn at the time of weddings or important meetings. It comes with a leather strap usually in black and brown colours. The body has a single steel container with just numbers or numerals on the dial.

Lower range recommendation – Emporio Armani’s AR1807

Middle range recommendation – Seiko’s SPC088P1

#Style 2- Dive watch

These watches are for the divers. If you are planning to go to a swimming pool or something, wear this style. These watches usually have a steel body and come with a steel chain. They are waterproof and has a chronograph. Some watches even have light functionality or radium hands.

Lower range recommendation – Tommy Hilfiger’s 1791142 sports watch

Middle range recommendation – Seiko’s SSC229

#Style 3- Casual watch

These are your go to watch for casual outfits like denims, tees or Polo. These watches come with a rubber, nylon or withered leather straps.

Lower range recommendation – Timex TW2P62300 weekender

Middle range recommendation – Tommy Hilfiger’s 1791343